Aging Acupuncture Rejuvenation

Aging is a common enemy for both man and women. Although no human being can escape the process of growing old, the desire for youthful look and beautiful complexion makes us search for an effective method to resolve this issue.  Facial acupuncture, not only creates a rejuvenation effect for different skin conditions, but also helps with the overall balance within the body: physical, mental, and emotional. A glamour complexion involves two important factors: a healthy skin reflection, and alignment of facial skull structure.  After all, the influence of poor life style and high-stress level are causing more damage to us than age itself.


Skin is the largest organ in the body and creates a strong barrier to protect us from the outside elements; lock of nutrition from blockage of blood circulation and energy flow cause skin suffers, and loses vitality.  Skin needs oxygen and nutrition to keep normal production of collagen and elastic cells.  From the TCM perspective, the stomach and spleen are responsible for our nutritional balance.  The stomach is an organ defined as “Root of Post-Heaven Qi”; which simply means the origin of all energy and blood source produced after birth.  The function of spleen is to assist the stomach, by transforming food essences, absorbing the nourishment from food, and transporting it throughout the whole body.  The decrease of stomach and spleen functions causes a nutrition imbalance, low energy, and water retention.  The end result is the formation of wrinkles, aging lines, sagging skin, discoloration to the face, and puffy eyes.  By stimulating acupuncture points from the stomach and spleen channels not only can improve internal organs’ function, but also increase the blood and energy circulation locally on the face.  Once, our energy level is elevate nutrient can be absorbed better, and metabolism will increase.  The skin quality, color, and texture are improved.


The alignment of facial skull structure is often overlooked.  Our face shape changes commonly due to muscle tension pulling on one direction.  This muscle spasm or tightness may be led by hormone imbalance which due to; emotional problems lack of sleep, high-stress level, or even body pain.  Acupuncture treatment will focus this smooth movement of energy flow on liver and gall-bladder channels to release the pressure.  TCM defines the liver function to store blood and ensure the smooth flow and proper direction of energy throughout the body; and the gall-bladder is an expression in same role.  The acupuncture points on these two channels connect the interrupted energy flow and direct it to the right direction.  The result, stable hormone levels, balanced emotional state, and relaxed muscle.  Our face structure will automatically adjust to its normal position.