Found Dr. Yu through Yelp. I was looking for an acupuncturist closer to home and I'm really glad I found him! I suffer from chronic allergies and Dr. Yu took my readings through a diagnosis of my tongue and pulse and from there was able to advise of my ailments and subsequent acupuncture treatment plan. I was really impressed with Dr. Yu in that he provides a holistic treatment if you will. Advising me also of the type foods that I should be eating to improve my allergic condition as well as prescribing simple exercises as well.   Several Yelpers mentioned the Tui-Na message. As part of my treatment, he also did a message therapy and it was amazing!!! I was feeling a lot of stress, with ache and pains in my neck and shoulders(a byproduct of my sales job) and after about 10 minute message, they had disappeared!! For those of you seeking an alternative to western medicine, I'd highly recommend Dr. Yu!

Mark M.


My family and I have been patients of Dr. Edward Yu and Dr. Fanny Hsu since July 2011. I came to them to treat my back and neck pain after many years of going to a chiropractor with no significant results.   I have also used acupuncture to be freed from the dependency of allergy shots I had been on since 1995.

Because of the results from my previous treatments, I didn't hesitate to try the facial acupuncture.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results.   Because acupuncture stimulates the many points in our body that promotes healing I felt I received so many benefits from the facial acupuncture.  My skin seemed to brighten and had a healthier appearance.   It looked and felt firmer and the few wrinkles I had seemed like they were filled in....hard to described with words.  Also, the tension in my face and jaw from clenching due to stress was relieved. In addition, I slept better.  Acupuncture is a part of my wellness routine and staying physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

I am 48 years old.  My teenagers' friends think I look like I'm in my late 20s early 30s.  And when we are out, people think I'm their sister.

I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Edward and Dr. Fanny.

- Belind

Dr. Ed was referred by several people who raved about his acupuncture and "tui na" massage treatments (which I have never heard about until I saw him) which are totally different than other traditional massage therapies.  He knows exactly where the weak points in my body are and concentrates on that.  After his treatments I always feel energized and feel loose and more flexible than before the treatment.

He always asks to see my tongue before each treatment and he can tell if I don't have enough rest, have too much stress, digestion is not working properly or have too much heat in my body and treats accordingly.

Like the previous poster mentions, he also incorporates his knowledge of Chinese medicine and encourages to eat/drink certain types of food/teas that are specifically necessary for wellness of your health. Because I am unfamiliar with healing by eating/cooking certain foods he suggests and educates thoughtfully and thoroughly.

And most of all, an overall extremely nice/kind person who clearly has your health and wellness in mind by treating you inside to out without old school prescription medication.  Has a very gentle spirit and demeanor and genuinely  his passion/mind/spirit is trying to get you well. He has positive energy and you feel it rubbing off on you after your treatments! (He should bottle it up and sell it !)

Have referred others to him and they are overjoyed with his services as well.  They know of his patience while he quietly listens to your health concerns and gives common sense answers.

I was skeptical of trying this form of treatment since I really didn't know of anyone that had tried acupuncture before.. Needless to say, I was impressed with the entire treatment! Dr. Yu was very understanding and was able to diagnose my symptoms by checking my tongue and pulse. A method I hadn't yet been introduced to. I was impressed with how he was able to diagnose the symptoms using this method because he was spot on with his assessment. He was also able to recommend foods that would help in minimizing and managing my symptoms. The fact that he offers a first time visit discount to his patients is an added bonus!

The treatment I have received from Dr. Yu in the past few months has been outstanding! Dr. Yu has opened my eyes to this alternative medicine and I am extremely glad he did. Dr. Yu is a true professional in his field and I highly recommend his treatments and services!

Thanks for everything Dr. Yu!

Jose O.