Dr. Edward Yu:

This letter is to express my gratitude for the help you have given me with pain and other symptoms related to my diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and Dystonia.  I look forward to my visits because you always make me feel at ease. You also seem to know just where the pain is. Some of the benefits I have realized from the treatments are

1.) I am able to sleep for longer periods and more restfully.

2.) I have less cramping and more flexibility.

3.) I have more energy and stamina.

4.) I am able to go for longer intervals between medications.

I also appreciate that you are flexible with scheduling. This is so important because I am working to jobs---one full-time and one part time.

Please accept my thanks and i hope you will continue to help me for many years to come.

Your are the Best.


Mauricio Sanchez.

I was referred to Dr. Edward and Dr Fanny by a friend from the Gym. She basically said   "She has amazing results in 6 months that 5 years chiropractic could not". She sustained injuries from a car accident. I've been to other acupuncturists before and I am impressed with the results and the professionalism from both Dr. Edward and Dr. Fanny.

For those never had acupuncture, you can't really feel the needle but you can feel how it opens up energy channels in your body. I'm highly stressed and I leave the office feeling light and calm which is priceless to me. Results is different for everyone but it's better than popping pills. More than just treatment, make you think of your overall healthy. I highly recommended.

Michelle D.

Dr. Chi Ching Yu is the best in the biz for treating jaw pain. My dentists and doctors had no solution. But Dr. Chi Ching Yu solved my jaw pain  in just a couple visits. Luckily for me I now have an always available solution for jaw pain and all the other issues that plague me, like my currently pulled thigh, hip and abductor muscles.

Kathleen M.

I have been under Dr. Edward Yu and Dr. Fanny Hsu's care for several years now for the "pain control" treatment of occasional pain on my lower back, neck, and shoulder.  Also, I have been diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome several years ago and has chosen to be treated with acupuncture rather than taking drugs.  My symptoms were "dry eyes, joints pain on both hands" and have been noticing that my symptoms are less than before the treatment.  I use less eye-drop and do not turn to joint pain medication any more by doing the acupuncture as "pain control" treatment.  I only visits my Rheumatoid doctor once a year for follow-up and "drug free" as my symptoms are under control.

Dr. Yu's acupuncture treatments make me feel very relaxed and comfortable as you hardly feel any needle going into your body.  He is always teaching me to eat the right kind of food whenever I have a condition that needs attention and advise on take herbs for corrective measures.  I also believe that he has "magic hands" that can detect some irregularity within my body while massaging, checking your tongue and feeling you pulse.  I also have facial acupuncture done by Dr. Hsu.  Not only my skin look more heath, but also the end result that makes me sleep better and boost up my immune system, and help me with some hormone issues.  They are wonderful doctors and I recommend them to all my friends who has pain in their body but do not wish to take "drugs for treatment.

Kimiko Taoyama