I am writing this letter as a “Letter of Recommendation” to thank you for your continued dedication to fixing my serious health conditions and improving my overall health.


I am a 56 year male who exercises regularly.  I have suffered from high blood pressure for over the last thirty (30) years, within the last ten (10) years I have developed many stomach and gastrointestinal disorders.  The doctor I’ve been seeing for the last sixteen (16) years are like most western doctors and continues to prescribe, change, and add to my daily prescription medications.  Unfortunately most of my conditions remain the same or little unchanged.  As many might know these medications come with a long list of negative side effects, which normally result in more unhealthy conditions.  This has finally led me to trying something new: Acupuncture!


Since beginning my treatments with you two (2) months ago I have shown major improvement in both of my most painful conditions, a “Frozen Left Shoulder” which I had been suffering with moderate to severe pain for the last three (3) months, and “Severe Tendonitis of my Left Achilles Heal” which I had been suffering with moderate to severe pain for over the last three (3) years.


I am happy to say that the pain from my tendonitis of my Achilles Heal is almost non-existent, with very little swelling left in that tendon area.  My Frozen Shoulder, which I had 10-20% range of motion has improved to 70-80% range of motion. Incorporating most of your diet suggestions has helped greatly in improving my stomach and gastrointestinal issues.  The majority of tension that I lock in my neck, shoulders, and back has been greatly reduced or eliminated, leaving me more flexible and energized.  These results are superior to any results I have had with my doctors and chiropractors.  I feel as if I am a “Whole Person” again.


Once again, I want to thank you Edward for your hard work and determination in making me Happy, Healthy, and Whole.



Carlo Tosti

I work in a very physically demanding job and I have suffered from neck and back pain for years. I was very skeptical about acupuncture until going to Profound Youth. With a couple of treatments and some herbs my neck and back pain is almost completely gone! I have not been to a chiropractor for months (I had been going twice a month for years), and I have never slept better or had more energy. I am a true believer!
Thanks Dr.Yu!

Damon H


After a year of pressure from my husband to try acupuncture ( i am soooo scared of needled) I finally went to Dr Yu in Corona.. All I have to say is.... I'm going back!! it was great! the needles are small, fine & soft. I had 2 in my ankle (i twisted it over 10 yrs ago) and 2 on my forehead & 1 each on either side of my nose ( allegories). I was surprised that it was not painful at all.. Dr Yu is a very good doctor and a really good caring person. I am glad my husband finally convinced me to go. the acupuncture & the Tui Na (massage) relieved the pain in my ankle tremendously. Also, he gave me a fabulous Tui Na massage in my back & shoulders due to stress, stress from work. man that Tui Na was so good when he was done my back I felt like a huge weight was removed!! i really like this doctor and totally recommend him to anyone.

Connie M

It give me great pleasure to recommend Dr. Chi Ching Edward Yu an accomplished acupuncturist and tuina massage therapist.  I have been his patient and tremendously benefited with his treatment on my left  frozen shoulder.  He is very talented in his work and compassionate with patients.

Kirit V Gala   M.D., F.A.C.P.